Today, strategic planning calls for a different approach. Long gone are the days that we could debate and ponder strategy for nine to 12 months. Healthcare is changing by the week, and our strategy needs to change just as quickly. Three unique Remington initiatives will ensure you not only manage the rapid changes we are now witnessing, but also use them to your competitive advantage.

Let’s Talk Strategic Initiatives

About The Remington Report & Lisa Remington

Lisa Remington has been helping healthcare organizations accelerate profitability and growth for nearly three decades. Known for her ability to convert strategic business intelligence into action, Lisa is adept at blending strategy with cultural transformation.

As the president of The Remington Report, she has led small- and large-scale transformation efforts across the healthcare spectrum, including home health, hospice, palliative care, health systems, physician practices, private pay, and community-based organizations.

Three Unique Initiatives

Strategic Partnership Growth Collaboratives

A lot is riding on the future of your organization. Remington’s Strategic Partnership Growth Collaboratives are designed to help you better understand changes occurring with your strategic partners, identify new opportunities, and create strategies to grow your partnerships.

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Peer-to-Peer Strategic Advisory Boards

Join up to 10 non-competing healthcare leaders from similar organizations on a highly focused, action-oriented peer-to-peer advisory board designed to develop growth strategies and create tactical accountability. Your membership in this confidential group will enable you to stay informed of industry trends, explore new growth opportunities, troubleshoot challenges, vet ideas, and create results-oriented strategies for your organization.

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Customized Strategic Growth Plans

We will help your organization build a strategy map to face today’s changing environment, keep adept at navigating unpredictable situations, and provide new business and growth strategies to respond quickly in bold, innovative ways. More than 10,000 C-suite healthcare executives have benefited from The Remington Report’s insights, education, and strategic planning through multiple platforms, including think tanks, summits, board retreats, executive leadership programs, peer-to-peer networking groups, and guided consulting.

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Let’s Get Started

Why Remington?

The Remington Report is known as a trusted advisor to  more than 10,000 organizations. As a barometer of change, we monitor complex trends and work closely with organizations to increase revenues, identify new and existing growth opportunities, and leverage strategic partnerships across the continuum.

Unique to our approach is an outside-in (post-acute to acute), or inside-out (acute to post-acute) knowledge-base to improve financial, clinical and quality outcomes across the continuum. This knowledge matters. It provides a full picture of a patient’s journey through the care continuum and identifies gaps and opportunities.