We will help your organization build a strategy map to face today’s changing environment, keep adept at navigating unpredictable situations, and provide new business and growth strategies to respond quickly in bold, innovative ways. More than 10,000 C-suite healthcare executives have benefited from The Remington Report’s insights, education, and strategic planning through multiple platforms, including think tanks, summits, board retreats, executive leadership programs, peer-to-peer networking groups, and guided consulting.

Let’s Talk Strategy

Led by Lisa Remington

Lisa is a trusted industry resource known for actionable business and clinical strategies to drive growth and collaborative partnerships. Her expertise in strategic planning helps organizations identify new and existing growth opportunities and align strategic partnerships across the care continuum.

Is Your Strategic Plan Aligned with These Six New Healthcare Opportunities?

  1. Identifying opportunity-driven growth strategies.
  2. Prioritizing high-level strategies and/or action plans as a catalyst for innovation.
  3. Aligning and collaborating with physicians, ACOs, and payers.
  4. Challenging existing business boundaries.
  5. Synchronizing new industry foresight and market conditions.
  6. Leveraging technologies.

What You Can Expect From Remington Report

Whether creating growth strategies, tactical action plans, or forging new business and clinical strategies, the approach of strategic growth rests upon five integrated principles:

  1. Industry Foresight: Provides an understanding of complex forces driving change.
  2. New Growth Opportunities: Explores and identifies new opportunities for growth based on healthcare market transformation.
  3. Strategic Alignment for Collaborative Partnerships: Identifies partnership opportunities for expansion and revenue growth.
  4. Technology Transformation: Aligns a technology strategy to lead and manage new opportunities.
  5. Competitive Landscape: Explore new competition to secure your strategic advantage.

Dive Into Strategy Development and Execution

  • Build a firm foundation for exploring and implementing strategy.
  • Determine your strategic imperative for growth.
  • Leverage partnerships to expand growth and create better patient-centered care.
  • Discover new avenues for growth, and maintain organizational health.
  • Develop the right strategy to manage growth.
  • Assess the competitive landscape.
  • Recognizing possible impediments to growth.
  • Understanding and addressing the financial requirements of growth initiatives.
  • Ensuring your technology plan stays ahead of the curve.
  • Develop innovative solutions to complex, high-stakes problems.
  • Expand your personal and professional network.
Let’s Get Started

A Few of the Organizations We Have Worked With

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Catholic Health Services is an integrated system with 18,000 employees, 6 acute care hospitals, 3 nursing homes, a home nursing service, hospice, a community-based agency for persons with special needs, and a network of physician practices.

Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas HealthCare System) includes 40 hospitals and 900 care locations throughout North Carolina.

Interim HealthCare Inc., founded in 1966, is a leading national franchisor of home care, hospice, and healthcare staffing. Presently about 325 U.S. franchises.

The largest comprehensive health system in southwest Ohio comprised of 5 hospitals. Fidelity Healthcare and Premier Community Health operate as a subsidiary of Premier Health since 1981.

JourneyCare is Illinois’ largest non-profit community-based hospice and palliative care provider. Recently purchased Northwestern Memorial HealthCare Home Health and Hospice.

Community Health Center is one of the largest home health agencies in the Capital District Area serving seven counties in New York since 1984.

Home-Health Care Partners is licensed to provide private home care services and serves 10 counties in upstate New York since 1996.