Join up to 10 non-competing healthcare leaders from similar organizations on a highly focused, action-oriented peer-to-peer advisory board designed to develop growth strategies and create tactical accountability. Your membership in this confidential group will enable you to stay informed of industry trends, explore new growth opportunities, troubleshoot challenges, vet ideas, and create results-oriented strategies for your organization.

Let’s Talk Advisory Boards

Led by Lisa Remington

Your advisory board is led by business and growth strategist Lisa Remington, president of The Remington Report, publisher of The Remington Report, and a 30-year healthcare veteran. She will facilitate and coach your board of healthcare executives who are committed to helping each other make strategic decisions, get better results, and become stronger leaders.

Confidential Peer-to-Peer Advisory Boards

A confidential, peer-to-peer advisory board helps you focus on what’s most critical. In the process, you learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives, helping to take your organization accelerate the results curve.

Benefits of Membership

  • Tackle your most pressing issues with an exclusive, non-competing group of up to 10 healthcare executives from similar-sized organizations.
  • Process strategies in sessions led by a trusted business and growth strategist.
  • Actively learn best practices.
  • Gain fresh perspectives on complex issues to optimize business decisions and results.
  • Prioritize strategies to create action-oriented results.

Private Executive Coaching

  • Receive one-to-one coaching from an accomplished business leader.
  • Get personalized guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities.

Expert-Led Conversations

  • Learn from industry experts driving growth and partnerships.
  • Activate new ideas for business growth and personal development.
Let’s Get Started

What to Expect

Membership on an advisory board is a six-month commitment during which members set aside two days each month to participate in virtual, 90-minute sessions to discuss issues, identify strategic opportunities, develop tactical plans, and receive feedback from their peers.

Being part of an advisory board requires that you dedicate time to attend these sessions, as well as off-meeting time to tackle not only big-picture strategies, but also issues that may be holding back your organization.

During your advisory board meetings, you will hear the latest industry trends, explore new growth opportunities, learn from case studies, and help your peers vet ideas, troubleshoot root causes to problems, and find solutions together.

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