A lot is riding on the future of your organization. Remington’s Strategic Partnership Growth Collaboratives are designed to help you better understand changes occurring with your strategic partners, identify new opportunities, and create strategies to grow your partnerships.

Let’s Talk Growth Collaboratives

Led by Lisa Remington

As a member of a growth collaborative, you have access to Lisa Remington, a 30-year business and growth strategist and publisher of The Remington Report. She will guide group discussions, provide industry insight, and provoke new out-of-the-box thinking.

Strategic Partnership Growth Collaboratives

Growth collaboratives are grouped into three key communities to address strategic opportunities:

  1. ACOs and Health Systems
  2. Primary Care and Home-Based Primary Care
  3. Payers and Insurers

At the core of this program are peer-to-peer collaboratives to help you focus on what is most important to grow and expand your strategic partnerships. Led by Lisa Remington, a 30-year business and growth strategist and publisher of The Remington Report, this unbiased group will help you uncover new strategic partnering opportunities, keep you informed about changing paradigms, provide market insight and analysis, and keep your organization growing.

Changing Traditional Strategic Planning

Remington’s Strategic Partnership Growth Collaboratives provide a comprehensive approach for making better strategic decisions, getting improved results, and expanding strategic partnerships. This comprehensive platform for success features these core elements:

  • Valuable insights from a trusted group of peers in the same industry tackling the same problems
  • Professional guidance from a trusted growth and business strategist
  • Deep industry insights from subject-matter experts
  • Implementable strategies to grow your strategic partnerships

It Starts with the Peer-to-Peer Collaboratives

At the core of the Remington experience is the peer-to-peer collaboratives. Once a month, you will set aside time away from day-to-day operations for 90 minutes to hear the latest changes affecting strategic partnerships, learn best practices, gain fresh perspectives on new opportunities, and exchange insights and ideas.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboratives Challenge Your Thinking

Learn from topic experts and industry gurus. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimizing your business growth, strategic partnerships, and activate new ideas and opportunities.

Research Prompts Action

You get instant, expert knowledge from a trusted resource: The Remington Report’s 28-year magazine, 18 years of education via Think Tanks, peer networking groups, board facilitation, and industry consulting across the healthcare continuum. The Remington Group has been collaborating with the top minds in healthcare and has educated more than 10,000 executives. Our thoughtful reports, analyses, and education help you prepare your organization for the future.

Get Motivated, Informed, and Inspired

Come together virtually to access the experience, wisdom, and insights of a peer-to-peer growth collaborative, which will create new opportunities to grow your strategic partnerships.

Let’s Get Started

How It Works

Strategic Partnership Growth Collaboratives are three individual membership communities. You can join one or all three. Separate membership fees apply.

  1. ACOs and Health Systems
  2. Primary Care and Home-Based Primary Care
  3. Payers and Insurers

Membership Includes

  • Six-month membership on a growth collaborative
  • Six monthly, 90-minute virtually facilitated meetings
  • Access to healthcare leaders who face similar challenges, issues, and opportunities
  • 24/7 access industry insights and resources
  • Topic experts, strategic guidance

Want to Go It Alone?

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