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March/April 2019 Volume 27 Issue 2

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MarchAPril 2019 Remington Report


Strategic Planning: In Pursuit of a Predictable Future

 • Identifying Predictability

 • Seven Guided Questions for Strategic Planning

 • Six External Trends for Home Care Companies

                                              • 10 Challenges Ahead


Cover Story

Readmission targeting shutterstock 774977296Strategic Planning: In Pursuit of a Predictable Future

Seven guided questions for strategic planning. Six external trends for home care companies

to keep an eye on. 10 challenges ahead for home care companies. Page 4

Medicare Advantage Plans

 Goal target shutterstock 601964030   Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) Provides Future Supplemental Benefits for MA Plans 

     Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) provides future supplemental benefits for MA plans.

    Page 10

Social Determinants of Health

Arrow with people shutterstock 86256970Ground-Breaking Pilot to Address Social Determinants to Promote Value and Evidence-Based Interventions

 A five-year demonstration study, that if successful could go national.  Page 14


Data anayltics shutterstock 1165440751Reducing Hospitalizations Using Community-Based Health Coaches

Wooster Community Hospital of Wooster, Ohio developed a model for health coaches that serve as a community-link for high-risk patients. Page 16

Home Health

232676200      The True Spirit of Home Care

      How a home health aide handled a bear in the bathtub. Page 20



200804189     A Case for Sustaining Telehealth in the Home Health Industry

     MaineHealth Care at Home provides a case study with seventeen years of experience and

     evidence-based protocols.  Page 26


Direct Care Job Openings

 338974571       7.8 Million Direct Care Job Openings

        Learn by sector the growth and number of job openings. Page 3



Remington Readmissions Conference June 27 28 2019Framework and Guided Strategies to Reduce Readmissions Conference

 4 Key Strategies to Build Framework

 12 New Opportunities to Reduce Readmissions, Optimize Technology and Increase Valuable Partnerships

               June 27-28, 2019, Chicago


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March/April 2019 Remington Report
Special Report
Strategic Planning
In Pursuit of a Predictable Future

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