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front cover digital November December 2018



Readmissions 2019

Insight • Risk Factors • Influencers

What's Ahead for 2019?



Readmission targeting shutterstock 774977296Does the Current 30-day Readmission Penalty Over-Simplify “High-Rrisk” Timing?

Findings suggest that the 30-days following hospital discharge are not the same with regard to what influences outcomes for sick patients Page 16


 Goal target shutterstock 601964030   Skilled Nursing Facilities: 2% Readmission Penalties Begin

    Out of the 15,630 skilled nursing facilities, one-fifth send 25% or more patients back to the hospital.

    How will a 2% penalty impact their future Page 18


Arrow with people shutterstock 86256970How Does Risk of a Readmission Influence Where Older Adults Lived Before a Hospitalization?

Study suggets complicated tranistions influence readmissions Page 20


Data anayltics shutterstock 1165440751Are Meaningful Measures a Transition Into Value-Based Care?

Framework, Objectives and Three important Takeaways Page 4


Balancing shutterstock 1204547734RN & PA Wage Statistics 2018

Do sign-on bonuses attract top talent? Page 3


200804189Five Social Determinant Trends

Payors, providers and the governments new focus  Page 8



 325061645How Are Hospice Diagnoses Patterns Connecting to New Referral Sources

Clear strategies to align quality and cost Page 12




Building profit used for banner ads THink Tank 2019shutterstock 92751310THINK TANK 2019 Summit

Building a Strong Post-Acute Future for Growth and Opportunity

March 5-7, 2019 • St.Pete's Beach, FL

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front cover digital November December 2018
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