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Value-Based Readiness: Navigating the Transition to Value


May/June 2018 Volume 26 Issue 3

Cover Story

The New Focus on Discharge Planning, Patient Choice and Post-Acute Providers

MedPAC, the committee that reports to Congress on Medicare has had recent discussions on evaluating current discharge planning procedures. In this article, we discuss possible changes ahead in the ways patients and discharge planners may choose post-acute providers.

Feature Story

Value-Based Market Transformation Taking Bolder Steps

The new HHS Secretary, Alex Azar, has bold ideas for reforming healthcare from cost-savings to post-acute reform. Bold measures will reorient how Medicare and Medicaid pay for care and how value will be highly rewarded.

Feature Story

Telehealth Advancing Through Policy Changes

Wide-reaching legislation advances Medicare’s telehealth policies providing new reimbursement and greater use creating the potential for better patient outcomes and care management.

Feature Story 

Bundled Payments: Evaluating the Role of Post-Acute Participation

Bundled payments are being highly-tested under the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced). To understand the impact to post-acute providers, we provide insights and a case study.

Feature Story

Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care Models Prepare For Value-Based Models

Medicaid’s reform will lead to greater care coordination, a focus on reducing costs and more possibilities of risk and preferred provider networks. What opportunities lie ahead?

Feature Story

High-Need Medicaid Patient Populations: Is Telehealth A Key Solution?

Remote monitoring is getting greater attention in Medicaid. Federal policy places few restriction on state Medicaid programs. 21 states cover telehealth.


Value-Based Innovation Models Changing the Status Quo

Payors and providers are redefining and rethinking how new models of care can move the needle toward value-based care. Learn about recent examples.


Non-Compete Agreements: Are They Enforceable?

The extent to which non-compete clauses are legal varies by states. What should you know about a recent Court decision.

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