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July/August 2019 Volume 27 Issue 

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Cover website JulyAUgust 2019



Capitalizing on the Rising Value 

of the Home Health Care Industry

New Value of Home Health Aides to Health Plans

 • Investments in Home Smart Technologies 

 • Hospital to Home: Managing Social Determinants

 • Physician Payment Models Aligned to Home Care's Resources


 To The Point

Publisher and Strategist Lisa Remington discusses how health systems and payers are organizing care delivery around a new care ecosystem. Four key evolving care models change the value of home care's resources as a  downstream partner. Page 1

Cover Story

Readmission targeting shutterstock 774977296The New Home Health Aide Workforce

How real-time actionable data leverages new value for home health aides and health plans. Page 5



 Goal target shutterstock 601964030   Investments in Home Smart Healthcare Technologies Decrease the Cost of Care

     How is the healthcare market reacting to new technolgies in the home? We scan the market. 

     Page 10



Arrow with people shutterstock 86256970Where do the Highest Readmissions Come From?

 Pressure is mounting for skilled nursing facilities. Learn how readmission rates increase the first two days after a skilled nursing discharge.  Page 3


 Hospital to Home Model

Data anayltics shutterstock 1165440751Hospital-to-Home Model: Managing High-Risk Patients for Social Determinants

Case Study: Partnership between hospital and in-home care organization maximize results.Page 16



232676200      Leveraging Physician Payment Models to Capitalize on Home Care's Resource Capabilities

      How do new physician payment models capitalize on home care's core competencies? Page 25


Data: 2019 Senior Health Report

                                   How are seniors chronic conditions changing?  Page 3


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Opportunities to be a Solution and Contributor to the Future of Health Care

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Cover website JulyAUgust 2019 

Capitalizing on the Rising Value of the Home Health Care Industry

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