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Leadership and Clinical Signature Series

Next Generation Home Health Aide Model to Promote Growth and Partnerships

Webinar #3: How to Expand the Role of Aides to be Part of an Interdisciplinary Team Member

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Gone are the days when aide services are merely support with activities of daily living. It is critical, for the survival of home and long-term care, that aides now be viewed as the center of the interdisciplinary team and the source of critical, actionable information to care for the client and support organizations as they manage the changing healthcare system and payment environment.

Fortunately, home and community-based care providers are in a strong position to offer solutions to meet the needs of many stakeholders (payers, providers, clients) in the changing healthcare landscape and we need look no further than your own organizations for the most untapped and historically overlooked resource – the home health aide.

Webinar #3 of the Series

How to Expand the Role of Aides to be Part of an Interdisciplinary Team Member


In the last webinar, we learned about aligning your value with payers and maximizing the core competencies of your home health aides. In the new healthcare delivery system, it is important for home health aides to be positioned as the center of the interdisciplinary team and a resource to collect real-time, actionable information in the home to promote better outcomes. This information benefits your organization internally as well as externally.

Learning Objectives

  • Team-based quality measure improvement.
  • Focusing on decreasing potentially avoidable hospitalization.
  • Addressing social determinants of health.
  • Strategies for behavioral health & chronic disease management.
  1. The registrant and/or you staff are welcome to attend. However, this is a certificate program (CEUs, or Certificate of Completion). Only the registered participant will receive credit for the webinar series.
  2. Certificate of completion and Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are provided to the registered participant logged in with their email used to register for the webinar. Additional persons who are viewing the presentation, but not logged in as a registered participant cannot receive a certificate of completion or continuing education credits (CEUs). Replays do not earn certificate of completions or continuing education credits.
  3. Each course is live, taught by expert speakers. Each interactive series welcomes questions and discussion.
  4. Each web-based series is recorded and can be accessed on-demand. Only the registered participant can access on-demand webinars.
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  6. The Webinar Series is sold as a continuous training and leadership series. Each session builds on previous training.
  7. Reminder notices are provided prior to each live webinar to the registrants email.
  8. Participants must be full-time employees of provider-based organizations to register. Otherwise, they may participate at a sponsorship level. Companies are considered “sponsors” if they sell products and/or services. Companies that are providers and also sell products and services are considered sponsors. Contact us at remington@remingtonreport.com for further details.
  9. The Six Web-Based Leadership & Clinical Signature Series cannot be recorded or duplicated in any manner.
  10. You can purchase the six series at any time. If you missed the live webinar, the registrant can listen to them on demand at our website. The series is sold as continuous six webinars. We do not offer refunds.

Register Today for Only $99!

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