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Collaborative Value-Based Partnership Strategies

Value-Based Partnerships Based on Shared Vision

Integrating Value-Based Incentives Between Acute and Post-Acute

RHSG strategy-based solutions are driven by accurate predictability to navigate organizations through disruption. Forward-thinking solutions identify new growth and revenue opportunities, define strategic alignment for collaborative value-based partnerships, and pursue greater opportunities based on our cross-sector knowledge.

Collaborative growth and strategy development integrates value-based incentives between post-acute, ACOs, health systems and physicians.

RHSG has identified seven shared value equations between acute and post-acute providers:

  1. Shared values to enable better quality and outcomes for patient-centered care.
  2. Avoidance of service duplication to decrease cost.
  3. Development of joint care pathways and metrics across the continuum.
  4. Financial and quality measures to achieve goals of shared partnerships.
  5. Integrated care management strategies for high-risk and chronic care patients.
  6. Decreased rehospitalizations, leakage and ED visits.
  7. Positioning PAC providers as sub-population managers of high-risk, chronic care patients.


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Our partnership solutions.

  • Provide strategy roadmap, and key industry and market trends across the continuum that impact your organizations.
  • Assess current shared value propositions and value-equations between acute and post-acute.
  • Identify strategies to reduce cost.
  • Decrease leakage.
  • Reduce rehospitalizations, ED, and length-of-stay.
  • Expand community-based services.
  • Develop short term, mid-term and long-term strategy identification.
  • Increase tangible value.
  • Align financial, clinical and outcomes.

Consulting engagements are customized to meet the goals of your organization.

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