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Partnership Engagement Strategy Identification for Post-Acute Providers

Our customized “Partnership Engagement Strategy Spectrum Evaluation” is a tactical and strategic evaluation of your current partnerships, referral sources and how your organization’s models and services are aligned, and can expand and grow to meet full integration.

Your partners’ businesses are transforming and changing, Is your organization understanding their goals to respond with existing or new solutions? RHSG provides a thorough and informed analysis of strategic 

solutions to enable your organization to breakdown each of your partnerships to move the needle from a minimal commitment to a fully integrated partnership.

RHSG partners with you to:

  • Provide education about key cross-continuum industry trends impacting the healthcare delivery continuum.
  • Assess your organization’s strategy position for cross-continuum partnerships:
    • Existing partnerships/referrals
    • Identify new partnerships for growth and market share
  • Develop the spectrum of strategic partnership alternatives.
  • Evaluate how well the independent and strategic partnership options achieve your critical success factors

Consulting engagements are customized to meet the goals of your organization.

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