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Strategy Development, Shared-Learning

A Trusted Partner for Advancing Growth and Business Solutions

Since 1990, The Remington Health Strategy Group (RHSG) is known as a trusted advisor to over 6,000 organizations. 

RHSG’s knowledge supports strategy development and planning to be able to think broadly about the future of the healthcare industry, identify shared strategic insights, advance forward-thinking solutions, and develop go-to market capabilities.

Remington's Goal To Facilitate Shared-Learning Environments

Our history in shared-learning environments goes back 15 years ago. We knew the value of providing C-level executives the opportunity to learn and freely problem solve with the same-sized organizations. We decided to take the model from smaller groups to benefit larger groups.

Peer-to-Peer Networking Strategy Groups

Facilitated in a shared-learning environment, peer-to-peer mentoring incites strategy planning and innovative ideas to accelerate change. The idea is “not to recreate the wheel,” but rather learn from best practices and other experts. Individually planned groups are based upon non-competitive providers with vetted goals.

The Goal

Leverage strengths, increase tangible value, improve patient-centered care, and leverage core competencies.


To learn more contact: Lisa Remington at 949-715-1757

or email: remington@remingtonreport.com

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