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Post-Acute Strategy Development To Drive Growth

Foresight, Growth, and Value-Based Partnerships

Driving Growth, Opportunity and Value-Based Incentives

Focus on strengthening your performance improvement, identify internal and external growth opportunities, and expand collaborative value-based partnerships across the care continuum.  

In a changing healthcare marketplace, organization strategy development centers on these four areas:

  • Where are the most promising areas for new/future growth?
  • How can your organization best leverage existing core competencies?
  • What are the optimal short, medium and long-term planning options?
  • Where are new alternative revenue streams?

Goal #1

Leverage your existing business. It’s important to optimize the relationships you already have to identify immediate growth and new revenues.

Goal #2

Identify and evaluate new revenue opportunities based on your market and your core capabilities.

Goal #3

Size-up your market dynamics, and industry and market trends to recommend potential growth and market share expansion.


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As a trusted advisor to over 6,000 organizations, we monitor complex key trends and forces of change to roadmap healthcare’s future. Our 30 years of advancing forward-thinking solutions drive profitable top-line growth.

  1. Develop strategies to examine and grow existing business
  2. Develop strategies for new growth, revenue and market share
  3. Identify alternative revenue streams
  4. Identify strategies for partnership opportunities 

Organizations That Benefit From Post-Acute Strategy Planning

* Home health agencies

* Hospice

* Palliative care

* In-home support services 

* Community-based services


Consulting engagements are customized to meet the goals of your organization.

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