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Ad Specifications

Space Reservations & Advertising Rates are available upon request.

Contact: Lisa Remington
E-mail: remington@remingtonreport.com
Phone: 949-715-1757
Fax: 949-715-1797

Print Specifications

Publication trim size 8 1/2" x 10 7/8"
Untrimmed size 8 3/4" x 11 1/8"
Non-bleed live area 7 1/4" x 09 5/8"
Binding perfect

Follow specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP)*

Ad Size Specifications width x depth (inches)

Full Page Bleed 8 3/4" x 11 1/8"
1 Page 7 1/4" x 09 5/8"
2/3 Page Vertical 4 3/4" x 09 5/8"
1/2 Page Horizontal 7 1/4" x 04 5/8"
1/2 Page Vertical 3 1/2" x 09 5/8"
1/3 Page Vertical 2 1/4" x 09 5/8"
1/4 Page 3 1/2" x 04 5/8"

Live matter should be kept 1/4" from trim. Allow 1/8" for head, foot and face bleed and 1/8" rough cut in the gutter for perfect binding.

Prepress Specifications:

Except for specialty items, all pages must be created to the same size. If creating documents to trim, File/Document Setup should be the exact trim size of the publication with bleed items extending at least 1/8" beyond the document edge. If creating documents to bleed, File/Document Setup should be the publication trim size plus 1/8" added to the width and 1/4" added to the height.

*Remember that SWOP standards recommend all live matter be 1/4" away from trim.

The Publisher is not responsible for shifts in color due to differences between the file and the proof, or errors due to improper file preparation. It is assumed by the Publisher that all digital advertising files submitted for publication will perform in a satisfactory manner without any additional work required. If the materials supplied do not meet requirements, or additional work is necessary to meet specifications, the advertiser will be billed for all costs incurred with a 10 day net payable from date of bill.

File Specifications:

  • High-Resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file format is required.
  • All advertisement MUST be submitted in PDF format with ALL fonts and images embedded.
  • All PDF files MUST include crop marks to trim and bleed.
  • Embedded images MUST be a minimum of 300 DPIs.
  • Transparencies MUST be flattened.
  • Ads should be sized to 100% of mechanical specifications.
  • Color images MUST be CMYK. Files containing RGB or LAB colors will not be accepted. PMS colors MUST be converted to process unless otherwise instructed for print.
  • PMS inks or pre-mixed inks require dedicated print units and will be billed in addition to the color rate.

Send high-res pdf files to: remington@remingtonreport.com

For questions contact The Remington Report at: 949-715-1757 or Email: remington@remingtonreport.com

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