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Since 1990, Remington's group of educational services are known as a trusted advisor to over 6,000 organizations and 125,000 magazine readers.

As a barometer of change, we monitor complex key trends and forces of change to roadmap the future to de-risk decision-making and drive opportunity innovation. Multiple educational platforms are providing decision-makers with forward-thinking solutions identifiyng new growth and revenue opportunities, defining strategic alignment for collaborative value-based partnerships, and pursuing greater opportunities based on our cross-sector knowledge.

Jointly We Educate Decision-Makers 

Jointly, we educate the market on industry topics to drive change and strengthen performance improvement. Our many solutions elevate your content positioning, industry thought-leadership positioning, build your brand, influence purchasing decisions, and push lead generation. 

All of our solutions are about scanning the healthcare landscape to bring cutting-edge information to our readers and shutting out the clutter. Decision-makers then have a clear understanding of the products and services they need to drive change and sustainability. Beneath our education are your solutions.

Our customers are:

• Executives who determine product and service buys.

• Executives driving key decision-making.

• Executives overseeing day-to-day operations, driving change and innovating the future.

• Executives that say they count on us as a trusted, reliable source to learn about products services to purchase.

Our Core Capabilities Become a Valued-Partnership to Your Solutions

We are deep in the education trenches. We look at multiple solutions and platforms for executives to quickly learn about this fast-paced environment and the solutions that are going to better help strengthen performance improvement, leverage clinical strengths, and optimize tangible value. Here's how we support your products and services through education.


The Remington Report, published for 26 years, is read by executives across the healthcare continuum. The magazine is a leading source of strategy, business insights, cross-continuum innovations and future planning. The Remington Report provokes thought-leadership, and real-time solutions for executive decision-making to reach beyond the status quo.

E-Newsletters –  FutureFocus, a weekly newsletter, reaches beyond news headlines. FutureFocus provides information and solutions to respond to healthcare transformation. Readers get in-depth information, and thought-provoking industry insights to make better informed decisions. Trendlens roadmaps transitions in healthcare to identify emerging trends, changes ahead and new opportunities impacting healthcare. 


The Remington Group's 26 years of executive education.

The Think Tank Summit is one of the largest gathering of multi-stakeholders from across the healthcare continuum attended by ACOs, health systems, physicians, home health and post-acute providers. The summit's education is a roadmap for trends, predictions, analysis and integrated financial and clinical solutions among stakeholders across the continuum. 

The National Leadership and Clinical Summit provides strategic solutions to leverage resource capabilities between home health, post-acute providers and ACOs, health systems and physicians.

Strategy Improvement Programs guide organizations through a core curriculum on specific growth models  supported by proven models, high-level faculty, shared resources, engaged participants, and actionable solutions. 

Professional Development and Certificate Programs are built on curriculums for clinical practice improvement, integration of cross-continuum chronic care management, MACRA and ACOs.  

Executive Webconference De-Briefings focus on solutions, industry challenges and strategy development. The briefings are formatted to expand the breath and knowledge throughout an organization.


Our advisory solutions drive profitable top-line growth and up-to-date knowledge through multiple models.

• Customized Organizational-Wide Strategy Education

• Post-Acute Strategy Development

• Collaborative Value-Based Partnership Strategy Solutions

• Peer-to-Peer Networking Strategy Groups


Give us a call at 949-715-1757 or email us at: remington@remingtonreport.com to discuss customizing your goals.



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