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The average full-time wages for home  health/visiting nurse in 2016 were $75,000. More than 10,000 RNs and LPNs responded to a June  2016 survey by Medscape. Learn more details about wages across the continuum.

5 Key RN and LPN Wage Statistics - 2016

* Average earnings of full-time RNs and LPNs were $80,000 and $46,000, respectively.

* Among all RNs, 80% reported they worked full-time, 15% part-time, and 5% per-diem.

* For LPNs, 82% worked full-time, 13% worked part-time, and 5% per diem.

* More than one half (54%) of RNs were paid hourly; 46% were salaried; 84% paid hourly

* Among LPNs, 16% were salaried; 84% paid hourly.

* Average annual wages of hospital RNs $82,000.

• Average annual wage for RN home health/visiting nurse $75,000.

* Avergae annual wage for RN hospice/palliative care $76,000.

* Average annual wage for RN skilled nursing facilities/other long-term care $77,000.

* Average annual wages of hospital LPNs $45,000.

* Average annual wages for home health/visiting LPN nurse $44,000.

* Average annual wage for LPN in skilled nursing/other long-term care $49,000.

For more details see the Remington Report September/October 2018 issue

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