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FutureFocus, an executive resource, helps our healthcare leaders to see around corners, navigate disruption, build futures, broaden their views of the industry, and embrace change.

FutureFocus cuts through the “white noise,” while making sure we are connecting you to meet the future of healthcare.

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As a barometer of change, we monitor complex key trends and forces of change to roadmap the future to de-risk decision-making and drive opportunity innovation.

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FutureFocus July 10, 2019 Payor and In-Home Physician Led Complex Care Model

This issue of FutureFocus highlights the innovation of an in-home, physician-led model working collaboratively with a payor to manage complex care. The results are impressive after one year.  The model stimulates team-based care, a physician housecall's program, and the delivery of patient-centered care in the home.

FutureFocus June 5, 2019 Ten Ways To Identify Future Partnerships Between Physician Practices and the Home Care Industry

Our FutureFocus e-newsletter will provide your organization with ten ways to identify future partnerships between physicians and the home care industry. In some payment models, physicians will need to demonstrate in their applications that they have a network of relationships with other care organizations in the community to ensure that beneficiaries can access the care best suited to their longer-term needs.

FutureFocus May 15 2019: Where Do The Highest Risk Of Readmissions Come From?

Our FutureFocus identifies where the highest risk of readmissions come from. The pressure is mounting for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). For 2019, SNF's value-based purchasing program has a 2% withhold on performance. One of their key measurements is hospital readmissions. Learn how your organization can gain insight about changes to the SNF's value-based purchasing program and new opportunities to collaborate.

FutureFocus April 24, 2019: CMS Primary Cares Initiative - New Payment Models For Care In The Home and Hospice for Chronic Care

In this FutureFocus are insights on the new Primary Cares Initiative that will transform care and payment for complex, high-need patients. The five different payment models introduce models to keep patients healthy in their homes, partnerships for hospice and palliative care, and new ways for your organization to build relationships with physicians to deliver better patient centered care. This is a must read for every organization. This is a long-awaited game changer.

FutureFocus April 17, 2019 Hip And Knee Replacement: Home Discharge Insights

In this FutureFocus, we take a look at large studies that conclude patients after knee and hip replacement discharged to home have overall lower costs and lower rates of medical complications.

Future Focus March 28, 2019: Revised Guidelines For Home and Community-Based Services

In this FutureFocus is the new guidance issued by CMS about where Medicaid beneficiaries can receive home and community-based services. This impacts several settings such as assisted living facilities that, in the past, were using waivers to provide certain services. All PAC providers should be reading this to understand opportunities/challenges to their organizations.

FutureFocus March 27, 2019: EHR Incentives for PAC Providers: What Will CMS Recommend?

In this FutureFocus is important discussions about the future adoption of EHRs across post-acute sectors. A new RFI has been issued by CMS to ask for stakeholder feedback about the best ways to incentivize EHR adoption in post-acute. We have pulled out from the RFI important communications about proposed patient information hospital’s would be required to provide to post-acute providers at admission and discharge.

FutureFocus March 14, 2019: Hospitals Can Provide Free In-Home Services to Discharged Patients: OIG Advisory

In this week’s FutureFocus, is an OIG Advisory explaining how hospitals can provide free, in-home care to discharged patients. Attorney, Elizabeth Hogue describes the details and requirements.

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