FutureFocus March 7, 2018: New Discharge Planning Protocols For Post-Acute Providers Under Discussion

Lisa Remington

In this week’s FutureFocus, we provide detailed insights into discussions MedPAC is having on changing protocols for current discharge planning practices. This could be a game changer for post-acute providers and patient choice. This is a must read. In our Washington Report, we call attention to the Trump Administration proposal for a Medicare post-acute payment system.

Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) is discussing ways to modify the existing discharge planning process. The discussion includes leveraging discharge planner recommendations to use high-quality providers, and factors influencing beneficiaries’ choice of PAC providers. This is a must read.

The Trump administration has now gotten into the act of calling for a Medicare post-acute payment system. As included in the administration’s FY 2019 budget proposal, such a system would “address excessive payment for post-acute care providers by establishing a unified payment system based on patients’ clinical needs rather than the site of care.”

The Board of Directors of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) announced the appointment of William A. Dombi as the President of NAHC. Mr. Dombi was originally named interim president of NAHC in August 2017.


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