FutureFocus April 25, 2018: Readmission Insight for Post-Acute Providers

Lisa Remington

In this week’s FutureFocus, we provide a recent study related to readmissions and implications for post-acute providers. In another article, we address recommendations being considered for new performance measures for Home Health and Hospice.  This is a must read. There is new legislation to allow hospice to dispose of unused medications in the home after a patient expired. This legislation is supported by NAHC. 

Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group

A recent study published in the journal Health Affairs has implications for post-acute providers serving hospitals in urban areas. The study examines the impact of Medicare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) on reducing racial disparities.

By: Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group, Publisher, The Remington Report 

The National Quality Forum’s (NQF) report on Consideration for Implementing Measures in Federal Programs: Post-acute Care and Long-Term Care shed light on current program measures, the IMPACT Act, gaps, and recommendations for the future. This is a must read.

A new piece of legislation aims to allow hospice staff to be able to dispose of unused medications after a patient has expired.


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