FutureFocus August 8, 2018

Lisa Remington

In this week’s FutureFocus, palliative care and hospice are in the spotlight. A bill called the Palliative Care & Hospice Education Training Act passed the House at the end of July. It establishes greater palliative care workforce training programs for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. In another story, the OIG is taking a closer look at hospice and finding vulnerabilities. We provide the report that has some eye-opening findings. 

Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group

By: Ronald M. Schwartz, Contributing Writer, The Remington Report

What’s in a name? Evidently a lot when it comes to CMS’ “Pre-Claim Review Demonstration” for home health services. So shortly after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid drafted a proposed revision of the PCRD for the May 31 Federal Register, the agency changed the name to a more benign “the Review Choice Demonstration for Home Health Services.”

In a new hospice portfolio released by the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (OIG), the agency found that hospices do not always provide needed services to patients and sometimes provide poor quality care.


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