FutureFocus December 12, 2018: Quality Measures Under Consideration 2019

Lisa Remington

Meaningful measures are a key focus of our communications. Meaningful measures are a window into the future of how quality measures will align providers across the healthcare continuum. In this FutureFocus, we provide insights and resources for your organization.

Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group

By: Lisa Remington, President Remington Health Strategy Group and Publisher, The Remington Report

HHS is statutorily-required to establish a federal pre-rulemaking process for the selection of certain quality and efficiency measures  for use by HHS. One of the steps in the pre-rulemaking process requires that HHS make publicly available, not later than December 1 annually, a list of quality and efficiency measures HHS is considering adopting, through the federal rulemaking process, for use in certain Medicare quality programs.

CMS will continue aligning measures across programs whenever possible with the goals of moving payment toward value, improving outcomes for patients, and reducing regulatory burden for clinicians and providers through focusing everyone’s efforts on the same quality areas.

In order to achieve these objectives, CMS has identified 19 Meaningful Measures and mapped them to six overarching quality priorities.

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