TrendLens December 21, 2017: Study Shows Home Health Saves Healthcare Costs And Readmissions

Lisa Remington

Welcome to TrendLens…trends bending the curve in home health and post-acute care. In this issue of TrendLens, we discuss an important study of how home health is saving healthcare costs and limiting readmissions. Previous to this study, no other study has investigated how home health care has saved costs in context to a large diverse patient population.

Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group

Previously, no studies has investigated the utility of home health care within the context of a large and diverse patient population. Learn the 5 key facts about the study.

Patients who receive home health care after a hospital discharge save $6,433 in healthcare costs over the course of a year, and home health care “independently decreased the hazard of follow-up readmission and death,” according to a new study published in the online American Journal of Medicine.