TrendLens February 15, 2018: TrendTracking the Economic Cost of Sepsis across the Care Continuum

Lisa Remington

Welcome to TrendLens‚Ķtrends bending the curve in home health and post-acute care. In this issue of TrendLens, we focus on Sepsis. Sepsis is the #1 cause of readmissions. Learn the key facts about Sepsis. How should your organization manage Sepsis?  In this TrendLens, we provided clinical resources and valuable readmissions information.

Lisa Remington, President, Remington Health Strategy Group

  • The onset of 79.4% of Sepsis cases occurred outside of a hospital
  • The majority of Sepsis admissions had recent interactions with a health care system prior to that admission 
  • 18% of Sepsis admissions were from a nursing home/skilled nursing facility4

McKesson TrendLens February 10 2018 percent of Hospitalizations Sepsis PPT by Qualis Page 11

Source: Wang HE, Shapiro NI, Griffin R, Safford MM, Judd S, Howard G. (2012) Chronic medical conditions and risk of sepsis. 


4 Novosad, S. Epidemiology of Sepsis: Prevalence of Health Care Factors and Opportunities for Prevention, MMWR, 2016: 65