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Remington Report

November-December 2021

To The Point

November-December 2021 Issue
FREE PUBLISHER'S MESSAGE In this issue of The Remington Report, we will provide actionable insights to guide your organization forward.

To The Point2022-03-20T09:03:53-04:00

Six Real-Time Medication Reconciliation Solutions

November-December 2021 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Four peers share solutions to improve clinical handoffs, the advantages of timely information, how to drive better outcomes, and how to boost clinical productivity.

Six Real-Time Medication Reconciliation Solutions2022-03-20T09:02:28-04:00

Closing the Patient Communication Gap With Your Referral Partners

SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Across the board, we see from referral sources and other care providers alike that they really feel as if they’re part of the care team now instead of the end of the line where a patient goes when they get out of the hospital. Your peers share their thoughts and solutions.

Closing the Patient Communication Gap With Your Referral Partners2022-03-20T09:02:55-04:00

Can Hospitals Require Physicians to Direct Referrals?

November-December 2021 Issue
FREE CONTENT Effective on January 19, 2021, new regulations related to the Stark laws expanded and underscored the ability of hospitals to require physicians to send referrals to particular providers. These new regulations also make it clear that providers can monitor and enforce requirements to direct referrals to designated providers.

Can Hospitals Require Physicians to Direct Referrals?2022-08-21T11:39:32-04:00


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