Social Determinant Trends Changing Healthcare’s Future

In this issue of The Remington Report, we delve into various aspects of social determinants of health. Gain valuable insights, trends, and tools your organization can utilize to build referral partners, support patients and their families, and improve outcomes.

Hospitals and health systems are increasingly focused on social determinants of health (SDOH). This year, hospitals are required to report social determinants, establishing screening for social risk factors and providing a rate for the inpatient population identified as having one or more of these social risk factors. Learn the important reasons hospitals and health systems are focusing on social determinants and the new requirements: 8 Reasons Why Hospitals and Health Systems are Focused on Social Determinants of Health.

Universal foundation measures emphasize care coordination post-hospitalization, readmissions, patient experience, and screening for social drivers of health. These measures are applied across different healthcare settings, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Marketplace. See details: Universal Foundation Measures: The Focus on Care Coordination After Hospitalization, Readmissions, Patient Experience, and Screening for Social Drivers of Health.

Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) are pivotal in developing strategies to identify and address SDOH, significantly reducing health disparities. In FY 2023, most MCO states reported using Medicaid MCO contracts to promote at least one strategy addressing social determinants of health. More than half of these states required MCOs to screen enrollees for behavioral health needs, provide referrals to social services, screen enrollees for social needs, and partner with community-based organizations (CBOs). Read about the four key trends: Medicaid MCOs: 4 Key Trends to Reduce Social Determinants of Health and Increase Care Coordination.

Z codes: When home care providers assess SDOH, they can better understand the holistic needs of their patients and tailor care plans accordingly. Screening tools such as Z codes capture data on social determinants of health, allowing providers to access this information prior to a patient’s discharge and better align resources for the patient. Learn about Z codes and where you can find them in the medical record: Social Determinants of Health Z Codes: Important Codes To Know Before Patient’s Discharge.

Consumers: A groundbreaking consumer survey has unveiled key insights into how your organizations can enhance their social determinants of health. Your understanding of these top preferences can revolutionize your approach, underscoring the importance of your role in this process. Get the insights: What are the Top Preferences of Consumers to Improve Social Determinants of Health?