We offer discounted group subscriptions for each of our subscription packages. The minimum number of users is five, but there are packages available for organizations of all sizes. Large organizations may also be interested in purchasing a site license to accommodate a greater number of users or a customized portal.

A corporate subscription provides access to premium Remington Report content from an organization in a single geographic location (a single site) to its authorized users (management, staff, onsite visitors).

For example, each satellite location of a regional home health agency is considered a single geographic location (a single site). Each site would need its own subscription for its users to have access. Otherwise, the organization can purchase a multi-site license.

A multi-site license provides broader access and may be more economical for organizations located at different physical addresses and/or more than one city. Please contact us for pricing.

If your organization has a premium corporate subscription to The Remington Report and you are unable to see the articles, the IP address for your organization’s computer is not being recognized by our server. Please alert your account administrator that you are having trouble with access. It may be that all of the IP addresses for your organization may not have been entered for the online subscription.

When a corporate subscription to The Remington Report expires, all access expires as well.

Call us or email us for more information.