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A Comprehensive Care Management Model

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July/August 2015
Volume 23, Issue 4
Author: Patty Upham, RN

The FirstHealth Care Management Model

From the Remington Report Magazine issue: Cross-Continuum Innovation Models

The FirstHealth of the Carolinas (Pinehurst, NC) home healthcare organization-initiated chronic disease patient care model, termed The FirstHealth Care Management Model is described by the author, who is the director of FirstHealth Care Transitions for this patient care group. The model’s 3 major components and implementation experience are described in detail in this article. The components are:1) Evidence-based standards of care or Pathways; 2) Innovative technology use, such as video-enabled telehealth monitoring and smart phone applications; and 3) Customized, disease-specific patient education and support that is focused particularly on high-risk, complex, chronic disease at-home patients.

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