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Telehealth and Team-based Care Coordination: An ACO Cross-Continuum Innovation Model

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September/October 2015

From the Remington Report Magazine issue: Value Based Care Solutions Across The Continuum

New Initiatives Are Promoting Change

Strides made by Banner Health’s Intensive Ambulatory Care (IAC) at-home telehealth pilot program are described in this article. This program focuses on treating complex and highest-cost patients, as introduced on pages 34 and 36. Begun in 2014, a key requirement of its enrolled patients, in what’s called the iCare program, is having at least 5 chronic health conditions. These patients are placed under the continuous care of a healthcare team comprising health coaches, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and primary care “intensivists” who can deliver near-instant access to care. Results achieved by 135 patients in the iCare program for 6 months demonstrated significantly reduced cost of care, reduced hospitalizations, and patients’ improved quality of life.

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