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  • EHR Incentives for PAC Providers: What Will CMS Recommend?

  • Telehealth: Five Things to Know About Payor Reimbursement

    Telehealth, policy develops much more slowly than the rapidly advancing technology. Incremental changes are taking place to further develop telehealth legislation. In 2017, 210 telehealth related bills were

  • The Five Barriers To EHR Use In Post-Acute Settings

    Why are there not more post-acute providers using EHRs? Identified in this article is the GAO report about the five current EHR barriers and why the government’s overall plan is impacting usage.

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  • EHRs Get Medicaid Funding

    CMS announces an initiative to bring interoperable technology to a broader universe of health care providers, including long-term care, behavioral health providers, substance abuse treatment centers, and other providers that have been slower to adopt technology.

  • Case Study: Community-Based Health Coaches and Care Coordinators Reduce Readmissions Using Information Technology

    Established in 1977 as an Area Agency on Aging serving Northeastern Mas­sa­chusetts, Elder Services of Merrimack Valley supports the independence of old­er people and adults with disabilities living in the community by providing information and referrals to these residents and/or

  • Case Study: Telehealth Readmissions At Geisinger Health Plans

    Geisinger Health Plan published a study that found that a multi-year telemonitoring intervention for heart-failure patients led to reductions in readmissions and cost.

    Geisinger monitored 541 heart-failure patients who were enrolled in its Medicare Advantage plan from January 1, 2007,

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