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  • Successful Metrics Improve Your Organization’s Profitability and Performance

    September 30, 2018

    Changes have spurred home health agencies to review and look into new organizational metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet new standards and monitor the growth of their

  • Rural Healthcare Given New Emphasis at CMS: Telehealth, DME and Improved Care

    May 13, 2018

    An interagency effort seeking to improve access and quality of care for rural Americans was unveiled last week by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. CMS’ first Rural Health Strategy is intended to provide a proactive approach on healthcare issues to ensure that the nearly one in

  • Revising Conditions Of Participation To Increase Data Sharing

    May 07, 2018

    Within payment and policy proposed regulations for the Medicare hospice benefit in FY 2019 announced April 27, CMS released a Request for Information (RFI) to obtain feedback from stakeholders on positive solutions to better achieve “interoperability” or the sharing of healthcare data between

  • Telehealth: Five Things to Know About Payor Reimbursement

    February 25, 2018

    Telehealth, policy develops much more slowly than the rapidly advancing technology. Incremental changes are taking place to further develop telehealth legislation. In 2017, 210 telehealth related bills were active across thirty states. One of the most common pieces of legislation relate to

  • TrendTracking: New Telehealth Reimbursement and Future Services

    February 25, 2018

    New rules to encourage use of telehealth services under Medicare is a priority at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Administrator Seema Verma told the National Rural Health Association's Policy Institute meeting in Washington. “This year you are going to see a lot more

  • Telehealth Expansion Under The Bipartisan Budget Act

    February 18, 2018

    The Bipartisan Budget Act (PL115-123) includes these provisions for expanding the use of telehealth under Medicare:

  • CMS Expands Telehealth for Chronic Care Management in 2018 Physician Fee Schedule

    November 07, 2017

    Starting January 1, 2018, Medicare will begin covering remote monitoring of patients with one or more chronic conditions. The new benefit, called Remote Patient Monitoring, will provide Medicare beneficiaries the choice to receive in-home monitoring in addition to traditional check-ups in

  • The Washington Report: Two Chronic Care Bills Advance in Congress

    October 30, 2017

    Two bills moving forward in Congress of interest to post-acute and chronic care are given a good chance of being enacted in this session of Congress. The first bill is the Independence at Home Act extension and the second bill is for the advancement of telehealth for Medicare advantage

  • The Five Barriers To EHR Use In Post-Acute Settings

    April 18, 2017

    Why are there not more post-acute providers using EHRs? Identified in this article is the GAO report about the five current EHR barriers and why the government’s overall plan is impacting usage.

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  • Drone-Delivered Medicine: The Sky Is The Limit

    April 03, 2017

    If you thought drones were an innovative way for Amazon to deliver your packages…think again! Nurse practitioners made history with the first FAA-approved drone delivery of medications in the United States. Meet the innovator.

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