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Why the Focus on Readmissions?

4 Key Strategies to Build Framework

12 New Opportunities to Reduce Readmissions, Optimize Technology and Increase Valuable Partnerships

Discover how to position your organization to effectively respond to healthcare’s predictable future, and to respond quickly to new trends creating opportunities.

1. Readmissions & Actionable Data Driven Results

  • Explore how actionable data by conditions can reduce your readmissions.
  • Learn the importance of 7-day vs. 30-day readmission analysis.
  • Explore the importance of unique clinical, age and economic data to segment patient populations to reduce readmissions.
  • Learn how data mining and analytics create more efficient 30-day episodes of care.

2. Outcomes Management

  • Learn how your organization can achieve an interdisciplinary approach to improving patient outcomes to decrease costs, decrease, length of stay, improve clinical outcomes, and improve system processes.
  • Explore tools to optimize patient engagement.

3. Case Management Models

  • Hear a case study: Managing high-risk patients and getting paid by the health plan.
  • Learn from a case study how to reduce readmissions using community-based health coaches.

4. Technology Innovation & Value-Based Partnerships Models

  • Hear case studies about how your peers developed innovative readmission programs using telehealth for bundled payment models, ACOs, wound care, hospice, Medicaid, physicians, advanced paramedic programs, and payors.
  • Expand telehealth programs by risk and condition (eg: CHF, COPD).
  • Explore how 24/7 call centers are valuable to reducing readmissions and creating new partnerships.




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Attendee Comments

  • Excellent conference as usual. No one in the industry has the strategic vision of Lisa. Thank you for continuing to push the organizations beyond the traditional home care model. Survival is totally dependent on the ability of agencies to become the pre and post community provider!
    Paula Thompson, CEO
    Fidelity Healthcare
  • As always, I am in awe of the creative, innovative work being done in the post-acute space. Without a guide book, the presenters are developing programs aimed at increasing quality and navigating an environment of decreasing reimbursement, successfully, I always learn new and valuable information, and actionable ideas at Remington conferences!
    Renee Coughlin
    Cleveland Clinic
  • I cannot say enough positive things about the Think Tank. The content is forward thinking and presented by relevant industry leaders immersed in this work. I always generate new ideas for my organization after attending the Think Tank. I also appreciate the intimate size and style of the Think Tank. Thank you again! Every single session was exemplary. I generate many new ideas for my
    Jane Pike-Benson, National Director
    Tenet Healthcare
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