Is Your Organization Ready for Greater Value-Based Payments?

HHS’ planned expansion of the home health value-based purchasing model is a window to the future of changes that will dominate the payment landscape.

Lessons learned by COVID-19 hit the healthcare industry hard for organizations receiving most of their payments in fee for service. Experts anticipate health systems to take on more aggressive approaches to value-based contracts and secure more reliable payments from health plans.

The focus is care across the continuum. Engaging in value-based delivery in primary and specialty care, hospital, post-acute, home, and mental and behavioral health affords a deeper look at needs across the care continuum.

Industry experts predict wider use of value-based payments in Medicare and Medicaid as the Biden administration will seek to integrate advanced payment models into Medicaid (which serves 76.2 million people), while also focusing on 54 million non-disabled Medicare seniors.

This year, several value-based payment models will begin the shift from fee for service to value-based. Earmark this as the transformation of payment reform for care-at-home providers and how they will be paid in the future.

This white paper explains the seven value-based models impacting care-at-home providers.