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ACOs & Health Systems

How ACOs and Health Systems are Navigating Change

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Discharge Planning Patterns: Care Transitions and Readmissions

March-April 2022 Issue
FREE CONTENT A recent study examined the patterns of Medicare beneficiaries post-acute care transitions among assisted living residents and their outcomes in the first 30 and 60 days after hospital discharge.

Discharge Planning Patterns: Care Transitions and Readmissions2022-05-04T16:46:29-04:00

Six Smart Ways to Stay in Communication with Your Referral Sources

September-October 2021 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Your referral partners increasingly expect robust communications to make patient transfers as seamless as possible, for both the patient and providers. They will have to make a choice. Ultimately, they will look for relationships with organizations that are easy to work with and that can deliver proven quality care. We provide insights and strategies from high-performing organizations.

Six Smart Ways to Stay in Communication with Your Referral Sources2021-12-21T10:21:45-05:00

Legal Perspective on Patient Choice

What are the fraud implications when patients' rights are violated? What is the role of physicians in patients' freedom of choice? The Remington Report gets answers from Attorney Elizabeth Hogue.

Legal Perspective on Patient Choice2022-03-20T09:03:54-04:00

2021 Healthcare Outcomes Go Statewide and Regional

January-February 2021 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT A growing number of initiatives are expanding to address social determinants of health. Payers, health systems, community-based organizations, and government entities are partnering together to create statewide efforts to improve community health and social care.

2021 Healthcare Outcomes Go Statewide and Regional2021-12-21T10:24:36-05:00

2020 ACOs Taking on More Risk

The number of ACOs taking on risk for cost increases grew from 93 ACOs at the start of 2019 to 192 at the start of 2020.

2020 ACOs Taking on More Risk2021-10-22T17:45:11-04:00

Montefiore Health System’s Care Management Program

SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Located in the Bronx and Hudson Valley, New York, Montefiore Health System (MHS) serves one of the poorest and most disproportionately disease-burdened counties in the nation with nearly 80% of the payer mix from Medicare and Medicaid.

Montefiore Health System’s Care Management Program2021-08-30T18:08:34-04:00

ACO Investment Model

The ACO Investment Model encourages new ACOs to form in rural areas and Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs to take greater financial risk.

ACO Investment Model2021-10-22T17:54:37-04:00

Medicaid ACO Market Scan

17 states are implementing accountable care strategies in Medicaid or state employee health programs and patterns have begun to emerge.

Medicaid ACO Market Scan2021-10-23T11:59:15-04:00


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