5 Critical Payer Trends:
New Care Delivery Models Into the Home

Payers are gaining a foothold in the care-at-home market. Five critical trends support the rapid advancement. The challenges and opportunities are discussed in this issue of The Remington Report.

Trend #1: Payers Are Accelerating Into the Home-Based Care Market

Payers are positioned to become direct care providers. In this article, we cover the key market changes, the disruption, and the growth opportunities for home-based care organizations. Four leadership questions will help your organization effectively respond to a shifting landscape.

Trend #2: Payers Expanding Home-Based Care Models Nationally

In the past, we have thought of payers in traditional roles as medical-cost managers. Today, payers are acquiring home-based care organizations to control readmissions, costs, and outcomes. We discuss the next generation managed care model for home-based care.

Trend #3: Highest Chronic Conditions in Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Special Needs Plans

Payers are focused on the highest chronic care conditions to improve quality and reduce the cost of care. In this article, we discuss the chronic conditions of fee-for-service, Medicare Advantage and Special Needs Plans. Six leadership readiness questions follow the discussion.

Trend #4: Growth in Medicare Advantage Plans Signals Future in Managed Care Contracting

Payers will continue to invest in the Medicare Advantage market. In this article, we dig deep into the growth by enrollment, states, and the future. The market signal is strong to put Medicare Advantage contracting as a high strategic priority.

Trend #5: Payer and Home-Based Provider Partnering to Reduce the Cost of Care

In this article, we slice and dice data to provide a macro/micro picture of how to reduce the cost of care for deeper partnership value.

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