Unlocking the Big Wave of Changes Ahead in 2023

Key Insights for Home-Based Care and How to Respond

Lisa Remington, President and Publisher
The Remington Report and Remington’s Home Care Leadership Think Tank

As organizations face unprecedented change, new solutions and opportunities for success will dictate how to move ahead. Home-based care leaders will need to create new growth and think beyond their core capabilities to help unlock the next big waves of growth.

Unlocking opportunity is knowledge from analyzing trends, evaluating different levers of growth based on healthcare market transformation, understanding the strategic direction of referral sources, and identifying strategies to improve care delivery outside traditional home-based care.

Empowering The Advancement of Home-Based Care

We kick off 2023 by announcing Remington’s Home Care Leadership Think Tank, a virtual educational platform offering live, online strategy and improvement programs to support the advancement and future of home-based care.

The Think Tank’s framework empowers and inspires new levels of strategic thinking about the future of home-based and community-based and is dedicated to advancing home care’s growth, guiding forward-thinking solutions, and improving care delivery through mutually beneficial referral partnerships.

We invite you to learn about our educational programs to increase business intelligence, apply working knowledge to day-to-day decisions, and support future readiness.


Topics of Interest in the January/February Issue

In the January/February  issue of The Remington Report, we provide key insights for home-based care and how to respond. Our analysis of trends and critical changes in 2023 will help organizations stay future-ready.

The Remington Report magazine is interactive, which means we have made it simple for you to click on links that will connect you to additional resources on each topic.

Quick Rundown on Articles in This Issue of The Remington Report

  • 30-Day Readmission Trends to Improve Outcomes
  • 5 Changes to Social Determinants of Health Quality Measures Across the Continuum
  • Trends Driving Home-Based Care’s Contracting Options with Medicare Advantage Plans
  • 2023 CMS Adding Physician Relationships to Home Care Providers on Medicare Care Compare Website
  • 5 Ways Health Equity Is Advancing in Medicare Models
  • Home Care and Hospice Payment Recommendations for 2024
  • Electronic Visit Verification Systems Required January 1, 2023
  • 5 Key Trends: How CMS is Aligning Value-Based Arrangements Within Medicare

Continued success in 2023!

Lisa Remington

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