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Hospice & Palliative Care

Trends in Hospice & Palliative Care

Marketing Hospice Service to ALF: Preferred-Provider Agreements

PREMIUM CONTENT How do anti-kickback statutes apply if providers or Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are involved in referral arrangements and receive any type of federal or state funds? Attorney Elizabeth Hogue breaks it all down.

Marketing Hospice Service to ALF: Preferred-Provider Agreements2020-09-06T13:51:04-04:00

Report: Medicare’s Hospital Post-Acute Care Transfer Policy to Hospice

The Bipartisan Act (BBA) of 2018 Act updated the hospital transfer policy for early discharges to hospice care. The law required that, beginning in FY 2019, discharges to hospice care would qualify as a post-acute care transfer and be subject to payment adjustments.

Report: Medicare’s Hospital Post-Acute Care Transfer Policy to Hospice2020-10-14T13:17:46-04:00

Pre-Hospice Home-Based Transition Program

PREMIUM CONTENT Sharp HealthCare pre-hospice program called Transitions, is designed to give elderly patients the care they want at home and keep them out of the hospital.

Pre-Hospice Home-Based Transition Program2020-09-06T14:00:13-04:00

Study: Hospice Top 13 Diagnosis

Cancer accounts for less than one-half of all hospice admissions. Here is a list of the top 13 diagnoses for admissions to hospice care.

Study: Hospice Top 13 Diagnosis2020-09-05T10:28:11-04:00

Home-Based Palliative Care Models

PREMIUM CONTENT Palliative care focuses on relieving patients’ stress, pain and other symptoms as their health declines, and it helps them maintain their quality of life.

Home-Based Palliative Care Models2020-09-06T14:01:59-04:00

Hospice Quality of Care Varies

In a large cohort study, hospice visits in the last 2 days of life by professional staff varied by race, hospice program, and geographic region.

Hospice Quality of Care Varies2020-09-05T10:47:21-04:00

Palliative Care Oncology Guidelines

A new guidance statement to define high-quality primary palliative care delivery in medical oncology has been developed by ASCO and AAHPM.

Palliative Care Oncology Guidelines2020-09-05T10:48:31-04:00

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