EMPOWERING Mutually Beneficial Home Care Continuum Partnerships

The Remington Report and Remington’s Home Care Continuum Think Tank

The Home Care Continuum Think Tank provides a broad exchange of knowledge to build mutually beneficial partners between hospitals, health systems, ACOs, physicians, payers, and home-and community-based providers. We bring a deep understanding of the complex healthcare delivery system based on a 30-year history of education and deep knowledge of the care continuum.

As a strategic development and education intelligence company, we advance mutually beneficial solutions across the healthcare ecosystem to identify new opportunities, areas of growth, identify emerging trends, and capitalize on industry foresight to inspire new levels of strategic thinking that advance home care continuum partnerships


From online Think Tank programs to insights gleaned from the Remington Report magazine to strategic planning facilitation, we’ll keep you ready to meet the future head-on.

Remington’s Home Care Continuum Think Tank

The Think Tank is a virtual educational platform offering live, online solutions to increase partnerships from acute to home. The shift of care out of the hospitals to lower-cost settings, growth in managed care, and opportunities to expand care at home models open the door to harnessing the strength of partnerships.

The Remington Report Magazine

Remington Report Magazine

Published since 1993, the Remington Report is the industry’s resource for the advancement and growth of mutually beneficial partnerships between hospitals, health systems, ACOs, physicians, payers, and home-and community-based providers. Readers enjoy unrivaled in-depth analysis, thought leadership, and real-time solutions to respond to today’s healthcare landscape.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We help organizations build a strategy map to respond to today’s changing landscape, stay adept at navigating unpredictable situations, grow mutually beneficial home care continuum partnerships, and advance new business and growth strategies to respond quickly in bold, innovative ways.


Our business intelligence resources prepare leaders for the future by predicting where the industry is headed, identifying new opportunities, and empowering knowledge to be future-ready.

E-Newsletter: FutureFocus

FutureFocus is an executive resource that helps healthcare leaders see around corners, navigate disruption, build futures, broaden their views of the industry, and embrace change. FutureFocus cuts through the white noise while making sure you are connecting to meet the future of healthcare.

Remington Report

Special Reports

Our complimentary special reports provide leadership with deep insight into current trends and topics impacting their organizations. It’s an insider look at compelling, thought-provoking change impacting the future of the healthcare delivery system. These are must-reads for all leaders.

Remington Report


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