How The Shifts in ACO Policy Impact Home Care’s Referral Relationships

Trends, Transformation, and Opportunity

ACOs as we once knew them are now one of the major reasons healthcare will be decreasing fee-to-service and accelerating value-based payments. The transformation is backed by the integration of payments, policy, and market transformation. Healthcare has not seen this heavy a market push before. This time it’s different and not just talk. Every sector of healthcare will experience change.

In this issue of The Remington Report, we focus on why ACOs are changing, how fee-for-service is decreasing, and what it means to your organization. To dive in even deeper, we offer educational programs through the Remington Home Care Leadership Think Tank to keep your organization informed of changes to healthcare and the opportunities it provides.

Quick Rundown on Articles in This Issue of The Remington Report

  1. 16 Key ACO Trends to Know in 2023
  2. What Motivates ACOs to Make Home Visits?
  3. Legal: Preferred-Provider Arrangements Between Home Health, Hospice, Private Duty Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities, and Retirement Communities
  4. ACO Reach Model Expands Home-Based Care Primer
  5. Senior Care Profiles: Highest Chronic Conditions and Functional Status
  6. Why Collaboration Across the Care Continuum Improves ACO Patient Experience
  7. Legal: HIPAA Violations to Avoid

Lisa Remington