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Unlocking Business Intelligence: A Deep Dive into Chronic Conditions

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Key insights for home-based care and how to respond.

Message From Lisa Remington

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May/June 2024 Issue
FREE CONTENT The home care industry lies at the center of chronic care management. It holds the key to reducing the overall cost of care, minimizing readmissions, emergency department visits, and offering value propositions that align with partnerships involving hospitals, health systems, ACOs, payers, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Assessing the Effectiveness of Chronic Care Management Services

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May/June 2024 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Are you aware that both Medicare and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are eligible for the Chronic Care Management program? It presents a remarkable opportunity to offer comprehensive care to those grappling with multiple chronic conditions. However, despite the widespread prevalence of chronic illnesses among Medicare beneficiaries, only a fraction is using the program. Which physicians are leveraging the program most frequently? What are the challenges?

Private Duty Home Care in Fraud Enforcers’ Crosshairs

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May/June 2024 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Personal care private duty agencies, it's crucial to recognize that fraud and abuse enforcement aren't exclusive to services covered by the Medicare Program. In fiscal year 2023 alone, there were 279 criminal convictions associated with private duty home care services. It's vital to understand the implications.

Tackling Alzheimer’s and Dementia Readmissions and ED Visits

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May/June 2024 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT In 2024, approximately 2.4 million individuals with Alzheimer’s dementia are aged 85 or above. Research indicates that patients who receive home health services following hospital discharge have a higher chance of staying in their community for at least 30 days post-discharge, with more significant advantages observed with extended durations of home health care.

Multi-Pronged Efforts to Strengthen Direct Care Workforce: CMS Initiative

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May/June 2024 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT CMS has unveiled the Direct Care Workforce Strategies Center, a pivotal initiative aimed at tackling the pressing shortage of workers providing direct care to elderly and disabled individuals. Worker registries play a crucial role in addressing fundamental questions: Who meets the criteria to deliver Home and Community-Based Services in each state, and how can Medicaid beneficiaries connect with them?

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