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How The Shifts in ACO Policy Impact Home Care’s Referral Relationships

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We dive deeper into subjects that can affect the future of your organization, providing actionable ideas on important topics affecting the rapidly changing healthcare and care-at-home industry.


Key insights for home-based care and how to respond.

16 Key ACO Trends to Know in 2023

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March/April 2023 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT The importance of key ACO trends is to better understand the plan to decrease fee-for-service and increase value-based payments. Growth through three initiatives will be the foundation to reach CMS’s goal of 100% of Medicare into an accountable care program.

HIPAA Violations to Avoid

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March/April 2023 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT Compliance with HIPAA can be complex. Examples of violations, or “HIPAA stories,” may make requirements more understandable. We share some of those stories.

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