We appreciate everything your organizations are doing under the extreme circumstances of COVID-19. In this week’s FutureFocus, we provide resources at your fingertips for COVID-19 best practices, training, compliance and prevention.

Lisa Remington
Publisher, The Remington Report
President, Remington Report

Below are resources for COVID-19 best practices and infection prevention.

Infection Prevention Best Practices and Resources

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Training

Complimentary Compliance Awareness Training: Pandemic response training for COVID-19

The  Coronavirus Training Will Cover:

  • Background and significance of emerging pandemics that begin in a similar pattern to COVID-19.
  • Necessary precautions for known or suspected patients infected and the importance of universal/standard precautions.
  • Screening techniques and isolation procedures for patients/staff who may have exposed to similar viruses.
  • The importance of incorporating a response to covid-19 and other highly communicable diseases.

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