Capturing Care Continuum Changes to Better Manage the Patient’s Entire Care Journey

How Better Communications, Policies, and Regulations are Un-Siloing Care Delivery

In this issue of The Remington Report, we capture changes occurring across the care continuum. Healthcare policy, communications, and regulations are working at un-siloing care delivery amongst providers. We are at the beginning of better managing a patient’s entire care journey.

Hospitals, health systems, ACOs, payers, physicians, and insurers are adopting care delivery maturity models. The concept is “managing the whole person.” The model recognizes that success requires an integrated care management model that leverages multidisciplinary teams equipped with actionable insights to provide the most effective support to patients. This creates a healthcare ecosystem centered on the patient.

What does this mean for the existing vs. future healthcare system? The key words are “un-siloing” communications, policies, and regulations to support shared decision-making to help realize the best achievable outcomes through equitable, comprehensive, high-quality, affordable longitudinal care.

As the constant unraveling of our current healthcare delivery system occurs, The Remington Report magazine and the Remington Care Continuum Think Tank will guide organizations and navigate the changes to keep all providers informed about the changes and opportunities that support healthcare’s transformation to a more unified system of care.

Keep informed about critical changes presented in this issue.

Lisa Remington