Patient Engagement Framework, Coaching, and Solutions to Improve Chronic Conditions and Readmissions

How to Turbocharge Your Patient-Centered Care Strategy

This issue of The Remington Report explores solutions and strategies for improved patient engagement. Healthcare is in an era of patient-centered care when patients’ needs and desired outcomes drive many decisions.

Three Patient Engagement Strategies

Coaching interventions have been widely touted as a potential way to prevent chronic illness and to help patients better self-manage their chronic illnesses. Our article titled, “Patient Engagement Coaching: A Strategy for Patients Living with Chronic Conditions,” explains how capacity coaching co-creates an action plan for self-care and quality of life.

  1. A coaching framework of techniques and tools employed by health providers is part of an intensive care management intervention and an authentic healing relationship between patients and care teams.
  2. Five models and a training manual are detailed in the article titled, “Patient Engagement Framework for Chronically Complex Patients.”
  3. Patient engagement strategies from the voices of high-need patients help to identify their challenges to prevent ED visits and readmissions. Our article titled, “Patient Engagement Strategies for High-Need, High-Cost Patients,” sheds light on their concerns.

Recap of Articles in This Issue

Lisa Remington