Market Signals Indicate Change Ahead for Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, and Primary Care

How Will These Signals Change the Future?

Many changes that impact Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, and primary care’s future were announced. On the policy and regulation topics, CMS establishes details of Medicaid Managed Care with a formal Managed Care Group and historic national standards for access to care. Additionally, CMS is exploring who should get paid for coordinating social determinants of health. We provide three in-depth analyses in the article, “3 Policy and Regulations Look to Change the Future for Medicare and Medicaid.”

A new CMS model, Making Care Primary, tests the future of primary care for value-based payments, chronic care management, and social determinants of health. This model will scale smaller and medium-sized physician practices to participate fairly in value-based care and reshapes the future of primary care. See the article, “CMS’s Making Care Primary Model Advances Primary Care into Value-Base Care.”

In this issue, we provide an easy way to know the current status of telehealth waivers in each healthcare sector and how it will impact home-based care in the article, “How Does Telehealth Change After a Public Health Emergency has Ended?” We also offer a study on palliative care laws and the association of state laws and place of death. See the article, “How are State Palliative Care Laws Increasing Death at Home?

As the tipping point reaches 50% of beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage plans, a MarketScan will help your organization identify four essential attributes of growth and Medicare Advantage stats in the article, “MarketScan: Medicare Advantage Plans.”

It’s a must-read issue.

Lisa Remington