Trends & Insights to Navigate the Future

As the care-at-home industry continues to grow and expand, there are both opportunities and challenges in the future.

Identifying new opportunities requires insight into the external environment impacting change. In this issue of the Remington Report, we provide strategies to expand business growth and referral partnerships.

A key area of change is the Seven Trends Changing Medicare Advantage Plans in 2022. Because the number of beneficiaries and plans are expanding, contracting and partnering with these plans is an important market position for your business.

Supplemental benefits for in-home support services, palliative care, and support for caregivers has changed significantly for 2022 Medicare Advantage plans. In our article: Medicare Advantage: 5 Care-At-Home Supplemental Benefits Skyrocket in 2022, we provide the details of the expansion to prompt business growth and partnerships.

The hospice benefit is changing in 2022. CMS is testing a broad array of Medicare Advantage payment approaches. Get this insight in this issue: 5 Things to Know About Hospice Benefits 2022. Participating Medicare Advantage Plans will be required to outline how they will be providing palliative care.

An important benefit to insurers is social, economic, and environmental determinants. Your organization should be asking for “Z” codes that report these issues. See our article: Patient Discharge: Is Your Organization Asking Hospitals, SNFs, and Physicians for “Z” Codes? Getting these codes leads to better patient outcomes and a competitive strategy for referral partnerships.

In 2022, The Remington Report’s 30-year trusted industry partnership continues to provide strategies for growth, best practices, and expanded referral partnerships. We help your organization navigate the future.

My best to you in 2022.

Lisa Remington
President and Publisher
The Remington Report

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