High-Risk Readmissions: Strategies for Management and Prevention

In its 10th annual round of penalties, Medicare is reducing its payments to 2,499 hospitals, or 47% of all facilities for readmissions. The average penalty is a 0.64% reduction in payment for each Medicare patient stay from October 2021 through September 2022.

What are We Learning About Readmissions?

The common thought that socioeconomics is a main influencer of readmissions is not the key. It’s about the quality-of-care transitions at discharge. See article: Is Socioeconomics a Main Influencer of Readmissions?

Readmissions are complex because the root causes can be traced back to appropriate care sites, discharge planning, and timely care transitions.

Two studies verify these findings. See article: Discharge Planning Patterns: Care Transitions and Readmissions, and Timely Care Transitions: Planning the Next Site of Care as The Priority.

Nearly half of the nation’s hospitals are penalized for readmissions in the first decade the program began. We can do better! Look at our recommendations and strategies to help move the needle.

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