Strategies and actions to improve clinician experiences.

6 Ways to Recharge Clinical Engagement and Work-Life BalanceNurses have been identified as a key connecting point to systems, patients, and other clinicians working together to deliver better patient care and outcomes. Nurses represent the key “people factor” in controlling care-at-home quality.

Work-life balance is something nurses are constantly trying to achieve, and many nurses are falling short of that goal.​

According to the findings in the American Nurses Association’s 2013-2016 Health Appraisal:

  • 82% of nurses experienced significant workplace stress.
  • 57% said they often went to work early, stayed late, or worked through break time to finish their work.
  • 33% said they were assigned a higher workload than they felt comfortable with.

What solutions are your peers using to combat burnout, achieve better nurse work-life balance, and improve patient care? This special report provides six ways to recharge clinical engagement and work-life balance.