Your organization has new opportunities to grow and expand payer partnerships. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer exists, which is why we have bundled four articles from The Remington Report into this complimentary compendium. Read about how to expand internal and external education, leverage critical investments in your workforce, and enhance actionable data needed by payers.

Articles Included in the Collection

  1. Stronger Strategic Partnerships: Data Exchange is a Driving Factor
    How In-Home Care Providers Can Advance Conversations With Payers, ACOs, Managed Care Organizations, and Physician Groups
  2. Home Health Aide Workforce
    How Real-Time Actionable Data Leverages New Value for Home Health Aides and Stakeholders
  3. How to Improve Quality Measures and Performance to Align with Payers
  4. Payers Expanding Care at Home Models
    What’s the Best Strategy for Your Organization?

Additionally, our companion six-event, on-demand webinar series, “Next Generation Home Health Aide Model to Promote Growth and Partnerships,​” extends these articles further with case studies, real-time actionable data ideas, and numerous retention and recruitment strategies. Click here for more information on the on-demand webinar series.