Executive Programs to Advance Future-Ready Home Care Organizations

Remington’s Think Tank Leadership Exchange

The Think Tank Leadership Exchange facilitates a comprehensive sharing of insights, fostering a deeper comprehension of the evolving landscape in home and health care. It identifies deliberate avenues for growth, delves into optimal approaches for clinical innovation, uncovers opportunities for collaborative partnerships, and propels the development of forward-thinking strategies.

“Future-Proofing is the practice of preparing for changes and challenges. It involves developing agile and sustainable business and clinical practices that can navigate change, identify opportunities, and grow with confidence.”

Remington’s Think Tank Leadership Exchange stands as your catalyst for organizational resilience and prosperity in the face of future challenges. By actively engaging in this transformative platform, leaders can fortify their organizations, making them agile and responsive to the evolving landscape. The incorporation of decision-making into our carefully curated business intelligence spanning Trends & Insight Strategy, Leadership Strategy, Clinical Improvement Strategy, and Peer-to-Peer Strategy, ensures not just survival but thriving in the times ahead. Join us in shaping a future where your organization not only adapts but excels.

Future-Proofing Through Knowledge Transfer

As a participant in the Think Tank Leadership Exchange, we’ll arm you with actionable knowledge that will help you compete in a hyper-competitive industry. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Executive briefing webinars.
  • Strategic improvement quality and outcomes workshops.
  • Peer-to-peer best-practice presentations.
  • One-year complimentary subscription to The Remington Report.
  • Access to e-newsletter Future Focus, special industry reports, executive special reports, research, and the CEO Briefing Room for market intelligence, trends, and insights.
  • Strategies and solutions through shared best practices, tools, and quality improvement case studies.
Professional Development and Networking

Future-Proofing Through Professional Development and Networking

The Think Tank Leadership Exchange affords you the opportunity to grow your knowledge, expand your resources, and network with peers. Just check out the benefits or membership.

  • Access to board-level insights and best practices.
  • Learn from other leaders with proven solutions to improving quality.
  • Access to shared working frameworks and strategic planning.
  • The latest trends, policy, payment changes, and market signals.
  • Extended personal networks and connections.
  • The opportunity to be with like-minded individuals to find a collective resolution.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Continuous, organization-wide education.



2024 State of the Market

Remington’s Think Tank Leadership Exchange 2024 State of the Market provides three executive briefings to roadmap internal and external trends and insights, explore future opportunities for care at home, and analyze payer and Medicare Advantage foresight. Get market trends that most affect your organization, emerging strategies to navigate opportunities and the competitive landscape, and tools to prioritize key strategic decisions.

Starts January 25 | Ends March 21

3 Executive Briefings
| Enroll by January 18
$1,100 | Enroll Up To 10 People

Can’t attend live? Available on demand.


  • Briefing #1: Roadmapping Trends and Insights: What’s Ahead in 2024 – Live January 25, 2024
  • Briefing #2: The Future of Care at Home – Live February 29, 2024
  • Briefing #3: 2024 Payer Insights – Live March 21, 2024


Discharge Planning & Readmission Strategy Improvement

These three workshops challenge current practices to improve discharge planning and readmission management by addressing changes to policy and payments, adopting new concepts of referral engagement, and creating actionable blueprints. Includes review of current practices, discussion of appropriate aims, measurement strategies, and improvement methods.

Starts February 22 | Ends April 18

3 Workshops
| Enroll by February 15
$1,100 | Enroll Up To 10 People

Can’t attend live? Available on demand.


  • Workshop #1: Synergistic Discharge Planning Management and Solving Mutual Financial and Quality Challenges – Live February 22, 2024
  • Workshop #2: Challenging Current Practices in Readmission Management to Create Synergistic Solutions – Live March 28, 2024
  • Workshop #3: Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Presentations – Live April 18, 2024


Leadership and Clinical Strategy Planning

The ongoing transformation of care at home and healthcare coupled with changes to policy and payments require leadership to focus on competitive strategy and growth. These two webinars prepare you to capture opportunities to create a successful strategy for execution, identify sources of advantages to your organization, and adaptive strategies to respond to market shifts.

Starts April 25 | Ends May 23

2 Webinars
| Enroll by April 19
$950 | Enroll Up To 10 People



  • Webinar #1: Acute Care at Home/Hospital At Home: Creating Mutually-Beneficial Approaches Between Home Care, Hospitals, Health Systems, and ACOs – Live April 25, 2024
  • Webinar #2: Team-Based Care and Multidisciplinary Approaches: Key Areas of Change Creating Opportunity – Live May 23, 2024


Advancing Clinical, Quality, and Financial Alignment to Improve Quality, Outcomes, and Expand Referrals

This three-month workshop identifies shared goals in clinical, quality, and financial measures; interactive approaches to aligning initiatives; adopting new core concepts of referral engagement; and creating actionable blueprints. The workshop challenges current practice, discusses appropriate aims, measurement strategies, and improvement methods.

Starts May 16 | Ends July 18

3 Workshops | Enroll by May 9
$1,100 | Enroll Up To 10 People



  • Workshop#1: Advancing Shared Goals for Clinical, Quality, and Financial Measures to Solve Gaps in Care and Increase Partner Engagement Live May 16, 2024
  • Workshop#2: Synergistic Quality and Outcome Improvement for High-Risk and Seriously Ill Patients Live June 13, 2024
  • Workshop#3: Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Presentations Live July 18, 2024


Advancing Aligned Clinical and Specialty Models/Programs to Expand Relationship Building, Quality, and Outcomes

These three workshops identify payment and policy driving specialty clinical programs at home, four key areas to demonstrate clinical care and outcomes, and pathways to align clinical specialty programs. Includes review of current practices, discussion of appropriate aims, measurement strategies, and improvement methods.

Starts August 29 | Ends October 24

3 Workshops
| Enroll by August 22
$1,100 | Enroll Up To 10 People



  • Workshop#1: Bi-Directional Approaches to Clinical Improvement Strategies Based on Policy, Payment, and Care Shifting Into The Home – Live August 29, 2024
  • Workshop #2: Synergistic Solutions for Hospital at Home, Chronic Care Management and End of Life to Improve Quality and Outcomes – Live September 26, 2024
  • Workshop #3: Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Presentations – Live October 24, 2024

Who benefits from Remington’s Think Tank programs?


  • CEOs, CFOs, VPs, and Directors
  • Strategy Executives/Leaders
  • Business Development Executives/Leaders
  • Operations Executives/Leaders
  • Clinical Executives/Leaders
  • Quality Improvement Executives/Leaders


  • Population Health Executives/Leaders
  • Post-Acute Care Executives/Leaders
  • Care-Continuum Executives/Leaders
  • Strategic Business Partnerships Executives/Leaders
  • Clinical Executives/Leaders
  • Care-Continuum Executives/Leaders
  • Case Managers
  • Discharge Planners


  • Clinical Operations Executives/Leaders
  • Post-Acute Care Executives/Leaders
  • Managed Care Executives/Leaders
  • Strategy Development Executives/Leaders

With a steadfast commitment spanning 30 years, we take pride in our proven track record as leading educators, dedicated to preparing organizations for navigating change, recognizing opportunities, and fostering confident growth. The Leadership Exchange seamlessly merges best practices with an extensive knowledge exchange to propel the advancement of future-ready strategies.

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