The Impact of Change Coming in 2024

How to Fool-Proof Your Organization to Navigate Change, Identify Opportunities, and Grow with Confidence

What are the most critical areas of change in 2024 and beyond? How can your organization better anticipate the future, identify opportunities, and confidently grow? Future-proofing your organization means implementing a series of best practices and strategies to adapt, survive, and respond to the shifting healthcare and home care landscape.

The changes and challenges in healthcare require organizations to move past traditional views and advance and explore opportunities. We are in an era of rapid change; more is coming.

Consider These 6 Insights

  1. Payments are shifting the site of care, accelerating the growth of care at home.
  2. Multidisciplinary teams will elevate stakeholder’s understanding of the value, role, and resources of home care.
  3. Referrals are more dependent on home care as partners for financial, quality, and patient experience.
  4. Social determinants of health are front and center in 2024 as screening moves from voluntary to mandatory, increasing how providers will work together.
  5. Hospital-at-home models will incorporate cross-collaborate partnerships with home care providers.
  6. AI monitoring is changing how patients recover in the home.

Adaptable and flexible home care organizations can future-proof by leaving behind traditional views, adopting new opportunities as healthcare changes, and elevating a greater understanding from stakeholders about the roles, resources, and value of home care organizations.

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Continued Success in 2024 and beyond!

Lisa Remington
President, Remington Think Tank Leadership Exchange
Publisher, The Remington Report