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About Elizabeth Hogue

Elizabeth Hogue is an attorney in private practice with extensive experience in health care. She represents clients across the U.S., including professional associations, managed care providers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, durable medical equipment companies, and hospices.

What Legal Parameters Establish Patient Choice?

May-June 2021 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT The right of patients to choose providers has generated considerable conflict within the provider community. In this article, learn the four key legal sources supporting patient choice and actions your organizations and patients can take to have them enforced.

What Legal Parameters Establish Patient Choice?2021-06-17T09:42:35-04:00

OIG Says Providers Can Offer Services to Caregivers

November-December 2020 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT In Advisory Opinion No. 18-05; issued on June 18, 2018; the OIG addressed the circumstances under which providers can establish “caregiver centers” that provide or arrange for free or reduced-cost support services to caregivers in local communities.

OIG Says Providers Can Offer Services to Caregivers2021-06-17T09:53:30-04:00

Marketing Hospice Service to ALF: Preferred-Provider Agreements

September-October 2020 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT How do anti-kickback statutes apply if providers or Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) are involved in referral arrangements and receive any type of federal or state funds? Attorney Elizabeth Hogue breaks it all down.

Marketing Hospice Service to ALF: Preferred-Provider Agreements2021-06-17T09:57:01-04:00

Legal: Managing the Risks of Wound Care

Wound care is a risky business these days. Providers who render wound care services are at risk for many things, including liability for negligent wound care, violation of fraud and abuse prohibitions based on substandard wound care, and liability for abandonment when wound care services are discontinued.

Legal: Managing the Risks of Wound Care2021-05-04T12:46:18-04:00

COVID 19: Key Legal Issues

May-June 2020 Issue
SUBSCRIBER CONTENT It’s an important time to review legal questions and issues related to COVID-19. There is a lot of mis-information flying around and it’s easy for providers to get tripped up. But providers must ensure that they are doing it right in order to avoid a day of legal reckoning that could threaten their businesses in the future.

COVID 19: Key Legal Issues2021-06-17T10:02:09-04:00

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