A Special Industry Report for Home-Based Care Providers Identifying the Gaps in Care Delivery

Identifying the Gaps in Care Delivery

Disruptors or non-traditional providers are quickly accelerating their footprint into the care-at-home market. These providers are addressing the pain points and healthcare gaps that traditional fee-for-service providers have failed to correct for many years.

Home-based care providers have significant advantages to improve delivery gaps. Their experiences shed light on discharge planning, care transitions, readmissions, and care in the home.

In this issue of The Remington Report, we hone in on identifying the GAPS in care delivery and solutions to bolster partnerships.

First, we identify the new entrants in home-based care. Companies such as CVS Health, UnitedHealth Group, Walgreen Boots Alliance, and Walmart are entering the home care space. We identify the commonality of the care delivery models of these new entrants.

We dig deeper into identifying specific gaps in care by looking into the emergency departments, discharge planning, and care transition process.

You won’t want to miss in-depth information to support the value your organizations can bring to the healthcare delivery system.

Quick Rundown on Articles in This Issue of The Remington Report

  1. Get to Know the New Providers in Care-at-Home Delivery
  2. Lack of Patient Discharge Instructions Disrupt Care Transitions
  3. Court Upholds Medicare Contractor’s Decision to Deny Claims Based on Untimely Appeal
  4. The Patient’s Perspective on Their Care Transition Process
  5. ED Patients: Partnering with Home-Based Care to Fill Gaps in Care
  6. Potential Changes to the Home-Based Care Industry
  7. 8 Factors Leading to Clinician Satisfaction and Retention

Lisa Remington