This webinar is part of the six-event, on-demand webinar series: Next Generation Home Health Aide Model to Promote Growth and Partnerships

Webinar Summary

The role of your aides can go beyond basic training that is traditional in-home care. What else can aides do to access and report actionable data from the member’s home? In this webinar is a case study discussing operational considerations, targeted training programs, and key data collection.

  • Training focused on payer needs
  • Training modules
  • Data collection leading to timely interventions
  • New strategies for aides to access and report actionable data

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  • Webinar #1: The Changing Healthcare Landscape: The New Role of the Home Health Aides
  • Webinar #2: How to Expand Payer Partnerships and Meet Their Goals
  • Webinar #3: How to Expand the Role of Aides to be Part of an Interdisciplinary Team Member
  • Webinar #4: How to Target Interventions to Improve Outcomes
  • Webinar #5: How to Size-up Your Organization for Cultural Change
  • Webinar #6: How to Boost Quality Scores and Performance Improvement

This webinar series promotes the growth of in-home community-based organizations and acceleration of relationships with payers.

The series addresses key insights and solutions to rethink strategy, focus on retention and recruitment programs, and position your organization as a valued-partner with payers.